Pollock Take the Biscuit

Pollock (Scotrans) Ltd is pleased to announce that it has successfully negotiated a major contract with Lees of Scotland Ltd and The Waverley Bakery Ltd.

The contract will commence in January 2007 and Pollock will distribute the two companies’ products in England and Wales.

The contract will further enhance Pollock’s UK distribution strategy.

Lees Foods Plc listed on the AIM Stock Market in June 2005, and owns two trading companies, being Lees of Scotland Ltd, based in Coatbridge, and The Waverley Bakery Ltd in Cambuslang. Lees of Scotland Ltd has been established for 75 years, and is a leading manufacturer of meringues, biscuits such as snowballs and teacakes, and confectionery bars to the leading retailers and independent trade throughout the UK.

The Waverley Bakery is a long established manufacturer of ice cream cones and wafers as well as nougats and oyster shells, again supplying product both to retailers and the independent trade.