Tullis Russell

Pollock (Scotrans) Ltd have agreed terms with Tullis Russell Papermakers of Glenrothes in Fife.

Pollock will transfer 100,000 tonnes of pulp per annum from UK ports to the Tullis mills in Glenrothes. The service will operate with a core fleet operating 24 hours over a 5 day week. In addition Pollock will assume responsibility for the transfer of all finished goods from the Glenrothes mills to their off site storage facility. This service will operate on a 24/7 basis.

Fraser Pollock (Managing Director) stated that he was delighted to be working in partnership with Tullis Russell and fully expected to drive benefits forward for both companies over many years to come.

Tullis Russell Papermakers maintains its pre-eminent industry position by combining long standing traditions of quality and service with a commitment to technology and training. Their reputation is built on printing and writing grades which are used extensively for business communications, brochures, cards and annual reports. These include such well known brands as Mellotex, Trucard and Rothmill.